Awards (Belmont Minor Hockey)

Print2022 Award Winners
Wayne Abbott
Best Overall Peewee
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    Owen Dodgson
    U13 Rep
    Owen Dodgson is a standout defenseman who secures the coveted "Wayne Abbott - Best Overall Peewee" award. With extraordinary defensive instincts and impeccable positioning, he thwarts opponents with ease. Owen's offensive contributions are equally impressive, as his powerful shots and precise passes elevate his team's play. A true leader on and off the ice, his determination and sportsmanship inspire teammates to excel. His unmatched skills and dedication to the game make him a beacon of excelle
Tavistock Dairy - Hardest Worker In Belmont
Hardest Worker in Belmont
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    Zach Hassan
    U15 LL
    Zach Hassan, the unstoppable force on the ice, has earned the prestigious title of Belmont Minor Hockey's Hardest Worker Award. His relentless dedication and unwavering commitment to the game have set him apart as a true standout among his peers. Tirelessly pushing his limits day in and day out, Zach's work ethic is nothing short of inspiring. On top of his athletic prowess, he's a role model for his teammates and demonstrates the true essence of what it means to be the hardest worker.
Morley David Memorial
Belmont Goalie of the Year
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    Dylan Johnston
    U13 Rep
    Dylan Johnston, the standout goaltender of Belmont, rightfully claims the inaugural Morley David Award for Belmont's Goalie of the Year. With lightning reflexes and unmatched dedication, he's a force to be reckoned with on the ice. Spectators marvel at his jaw-dropping saves, protecting the net with unwavering determination. A true leader, Dylan motivates his teammates to excel, setting a high standard for the whole squad. Off the rink, he remains grounded and humble, embodying sportsmanship at
Bill Sinclair
Coach of the Year
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    Bryan MacPherson
    U13 Rep
    Meet Bryan Macpherson, the remarkable coach of peewee hockey, who weaves his passion for the sport and nostalgia into coaching excellence. Bryan's fear of commitment takes a backseat when he steps onto the ice, guiding young talents with unparalleled dedication. His unique coaching style, inspired by cherished memories of his playing days, sets him apart. Notably, Bryan's exceptional skills earned him the prestigious title of Belmont Minor Hockey's REP Coach of the Year.
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    Andre Durand
    U9LL 1
    Coach of the Year, Andre Durand, crafted an unparalleled atmosphere for player development. His unwavering dedication to nurturing talent and fostering a positive environment led to extraordinary results. Under his guidance, athletes blossomed, reaching new heights in their skills and confidence. Durand's emphasis on teamwork and growth created a harmonious and motivated team. His coaching prowess has left an indelible mark on the sport, setting a benchmark for aspiring coaches to follow.