Boundaries (Belmont Minor Hockey)

Representative Hockey

Belmont Minor Hockey North Boundary
Yorke Line – From Dorchester Road to Belmont Road (74)
Westminster Drive – From Westchester Bourne (74) to Old Victoria Road

Belmont Minor Hockey West Boundary
Old Victoria Road – From Westminster Drive to Willsie Bourne
Yarmouth Centre – From Willsie Bourne to Thomson Line
Mortensen Road – From Thomson Road to Ferguson Line

Belmont Minor Hockey South Boundary
Willsie Bourne – From Old Victoria Road to Yarmouth Centre
Thomson Line – From Yarmouth Centre to Mortensen Road
Ferguson Line – From Mortensen Road to Belmont Road (74)
Wilson Line – Belmont Road (74) to Dorchester Road

Belmont Minor Hockey East Boundary
Belmont Road – From Ferguson Line to Wilson Line
Dorchester Road – From Wilson Line to Yorke Line
Belmont Road – From Yorke Line to Belmont Village Limit
Belmont Village Limits
Westchester Bourne – From Belmont Village Limit to Westminster Drive

Note: Residences on either side of the road shall be included.


Right-of-Choice areas exist in all directions between Belmont and the following centres:

Port Stanley
St. Thomas
London (SSE Wild)

If you live in between Belmont and these centres and have not played representative hockey for any other centre you may be eligible for Right-of-Choice.  Please contact Belmont Minor Hockey if you wish to know if your specific address is eligible.

Local League Travel Hockey

There are no residence restrictions on Local League Travel Hockey.  If you play house league in London or St. Thomas but are interested in more competitive hockey, including roughly 50 hours of home ice (games and practices) plus away travel games you are eligible to play Local League in Belmont no matter where you live.